Bucket of Eels: Conger conger

Welcome to today’s bucket of eels. I’m Rose. Let’s pull out some eels, shall we? Today’s eel: every edition of this newsletter is named after an eel. Today’s is the European conger, or Conger conger. The European conger is the heaviest eel, maxing out at 9 feet, 10 inches long and a whopping 240 pounds. Two hundred and forty pounds! That is more than two of me! European congers are found in the Eastern Atlantic as well as the Mediterranean and Black Sea. Like many eels, scientists know little to nothing about how the European conger reproduces. They’re pretty sure they mate in the Sargasso Sea at depths of 10,000 to 12,000 feet, but other than that they really have no clue. People do hunt these eels for food — although I’ve read that because of their sharp teeth and strong bodies, they put up a real fight.

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